Tournament Rules

All rules will be in accordance with the 2021 Official SSUSA Rulebook; with the exception of the following

  1. Time Limit: Sixty Minutes (1:00) plus the open inning.  When sixty minutes expires, the inning will be completed, and the next inning will be the open inning if less the 7 innings.  No time limit for championship game.


  1. 55-60 Division: Batters will be allowed only 3 balls and/or 2 strikes, and all batters will start with a 1-1 ball/strike count. There will be a “waste foul ball” available to a batter after there are two strikes in the count.


  1. Format: Round Robin  with modified Double Elimination Bracket (No IF Game).  Sliding will be allowed.  No over running 2nd and 3rd


  1. Player Eligibility: All players must be 55 years of age or older.  Older teams playing younger teams will add five (5) runs to their score.  Runs will be added in innings 2 through 6.  70+ plus teams may play with 11 defensive players.


  1. Uniforms: Optional


  1. Lineup Sheets: Please turn in your lineup sheets to the umpire prior to the game.  All players must be on the sheet or will be ineligible for the game.  NO DOUBLE ROSTERING.

Donald Meinel, Tournament Director

Ph.  223-4702

Email:  [email protected]