Hawaii State Senior Alumni Tournament Rules:

  • HI Senior Softball 14-inch balls used.
  • Hawaii State Senior Softball Rules will apply, with the following exceptions.
  • 1 and 1 count, with courtesy foul.
  • 11 defensive players.
  • 60 ft baselines.
  • Matching uniforms optional.
  • Hawaii state schools need to follow these guidelines.

It is the intent of the Alumni Tournament to play with a single class team whenever possible.

  1. Require a minimum 6 players from one school, can add players from another regional school, but if a teams has enough players to make a full roster they cannot combine from another regional school.
  1. If teams have enough players from their school, they cannot combine with other schools.
  2. Private schools cannot combine with another private school.
  3. Oahu only — No more than two schools can combine.
  4. Outer island schools with less than six players from a school, can add from another school(s).
  5. Mainland alumni players allowed and can play on mainland team only.
  6. Alumni from Okinawa and other South Pacific islands can play on “South Pacific” team.
  • Tournament committee reserves the right to limit the number of tournament entries. All teams/rosters are subject to committee approval.
 Honolulu county park rules. No pets, smoking, or alcohol consumption allowed on premises.

Entry Form/Registration

Entry fee is $325.
Mail check payable to:
Makua Ali’i Senior Softball
c/o Dayton Holt
559 Kaha St.
Kailua, HI 96734